Exclusive pictures: Sherlock's Dr. Watson gets married

Dr Watson, played by Martin Freeman, walks down the aisle with his real life partner

Sherlock Wedding


We can hardly wait until Sherlock returns to our TV screens, but to keep you all going until then take a look at this exclusive snap.

The picture reveals that filming for the third series of Sherlock is well underway and fans are in for a treat.

Sherlock's sidekick Dr John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, is set to take centre stage as he walks down the aisle suited and booted.

His lucky bride? Mary Morton played by Amanda Abbington, Martin's real-life partner since 2000 and mum to his son and daughter.

And making sure the ceremony runs without a glitch is Sherlock Holmes himself, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who looks set to take on the role of Best Man.

All together now. Ahh!

More on Benedict: Last week Benedict Cumberbatch cheated death! Find out how here.
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